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Introducing SU-RAKSHA CLIP-ON™ for Social Distancing Management

'Su-Raksha' or 'सु-रक्षा' in Hindi means Security or Protection. Su-Raksha NexGen Wearables is working on a range of Smart Wearable Devices, designed to assist wearers in the protection from different factors impacting the quality of everyday life. Our mission is to emerge as a respectable brand in terms of Functionality, Usability, UX, Quality and Price.
Our initial set of products are themed on COVID-19 Relief and Social Distancing, but they are only a start to a wide range of conventional and unconventional wearable platforms for parallel verticals, ranging from Medical, Sports, Healthcare, Education and Defense.


Social Distancing is proposed as the most effective way to slow down the transmission of COVID-19, unanimously throughout. People who are observing Social Distancing are required to keep a physical distance of 1-2 meters between themselves while doing activities like working, sitting, eating, travelling, shopping
Social Distancing, as mandated by Governments across the globe, is to be compulsorily observed for delivery of essential services, running of offices, factories, clinics, schools, colleges, hospitals, markets, malls etc since these cannot be closed for an indefinite period of time.

The Odds Against Social Distancing

Social Distancing norms are easy to define, rather tough to implement and even tougher to follow up. Even after the decline in COVID-19 spread, institutions – factories – workplaces which will operate with full capacity would need an efficient solution to ensure that Social Distancing is being properly followed within their premises. That too, maybe, for many many months.
We spent a lot of time brainstorming about the effectiveness and the odds against Social Distancing. Below are a few valid reasons for people to adopt a smart technological solution for Social Distancing.

We're Social

Social gestures such as handshakes, pats & hugs are deeply rooted within the society. A person could hug or shake hands under peer pressure despite knowing that he isn't supposed to

We Forget

A person who is very stringently observing social distancing could get lost in thoughts or simply forget and subconsciously violate it once a while, often or constantly.

We Deny the Reality

Constant denial, where a person believes it is just on TV and news and that he/she is not going to get infected, till the time he does, indeed, get infected due to negligence.

We're Human

It is not always possible to estimate the distance between ourselves and others. We could breach the allowed distance without even knowing it

Shit Happens :)

A person could simply bump into others by mistake. In case of such events, infections could pass on to the other person.

Features of Our Wearable Solution

The primary technology used to implement Social Distancing is based on a ranging algorithm built on top of Open Social Distancing Protocol (OpenSD) over Bluetooth LE. This standard has been developed by us and is being prepared for public release soon. It considerably improves overall accuracy of ranging compared to RSSI based ranging techniques.

The proximity of a user is split into 3 concentric zones, namely the Alert Zone, Warning Zone and Safe Zone. As shown in the image, the default values of Alert Zone, Warning Zone and Safe Zone are set as 1.5m, 3m and 5m respectively. These can be adjusted using the Enterprise Edition of Su-Raksha Social Distancing App.

Whenever two or more devices are detected in Alert Zone, the device generates an alert in the form of light, audio tone and vibration. A continuous detection for a time period of >30s gets registered as a Violation in the device.

Along with sensing as the primary function, we have included the below features in the product:

  • Alerts
    • Vibration, Audio, Visual alerts, either can be turned ON/OFF individually
  • Violation Counting with timestamp
  • Extended Features with Smartphone Connect:
    • Grouping of users
    • Admin of the group can pull performance reports
    • Exclusion of devices.
    • Violation Contact Tracing with timestamp
    • Users can Flag themselves as Negative, Having Mild Symptoms or Infected
    • Daily Symptom check with Temperature input
    • Scheduling of Distancing for the entire group or individual user

Alert Zone | Warning Zone | Safe Zone


SU-RAKSHA CLIP-ON SD Su-Raksha Clip-On SD is low cost device with a small form factor. It can be simply clipped to your shirt, belt of attached to a key-chain.

Features Remarks
Sensing Active, BLE ranging based on OpenSD protocol
Accuracy 99%
Time Scheduling Via Smartphone
Audio Alarm Buzzer Type
Visual Indication Tri-Color
Vibration Alarm Present
Range Tuning Via Smartphone
Violation Counting 30 day Memory
Contact Tracing 30 day Memory
Battery Type Li-Ion rechargeable (7day)
Charging Port USB 2.0 Mini
Dimensions 38.5mm x 35mm x 10.1mm
Alternate Functions (coming up) Reconfigurable as a FindMe Tag


The community edition of the Social Distancing solution is in the form of a Free-of-Cost Smartphone app, both for Android and iOS devices.
This app acts as a Sensor and alerts 2 or more users who are standing close to each other. The requirement for such a feature is that all users should have the app functional on their phones. This app is available on Google Play Store, free of Cost and has been downloaded more than 3800 times (as on July 14, 2020), all over the world.

  • Lower Battery Consumption

  • Audio Alerts

  • Vibration Alerts

  • Notifications Alerts

  • Ability to tune detection range

  • Ability to individually turn off alerts and notifications

  • Support of 10 international languages for both UI and Audio alerts (English, हिन्दी, 中文, русский, 日本語, Deutsche, Italiana, Española, 한국어 and عربى)

  • Protection tips to help users implement effective Social Distancing

Carry on with care

ध्यान रखना

Su-Raksha range of wearable devices is an indigenous initiative. The current set of products are introduced to assist organizations in ensuring the adherence of Social Distancing within their workforce. The initial set of products are themed on Social Distancing, but, are only a starting point to a wide range of conventional and unconventional wearable products for parallel verticals, ranging from Civilian, Sports, Healthcare, Education,and Defense in the time to come.

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